Pattern detection software provider brings more advanced data analysis capabilities to its point-and-click user interface and automated systems

Software company Emcien announced today the release of an extensive update of automated data analysis capabilities to their award-winning platform, EmcienPatterns. Emcien users are being upgraded to EmcienPatterns 2.4, and will now have point-and-click access to predictive and prescriptive analytics, in addition to integration improvements for driving internal systems and other applications.

EmcienPatterns is currently deployed across multiple sectors including telecommunications, retail and banking, at companies such as NCR. Use cases include:

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Gas TurbineLarge scale equipment for power generation, manufacturing, mining, and similarly sized functions are structurally important to the global economy. They turn raw materials into the energy and other products that help keep the economy running.

Consider the gas-turbine electric plant. These installations can involve multiple instances of large scale gas turbines like those manufactured by General Electric and Siemens, and they can supply power for thousands of homes and many jobs. Keeping these turbines running, continuing to turn gas into electricity, requires precise manufacturing. Bearings, blades, and shafts must be perfectly balanced in order for continued power generation, but strict maintenance schedules for addressing corrosion, fatigue, and wear are also required.

As precisely as these giant machines are made, the extreme conditions of highly compressed gas and the continuous runtime requirements of power generation invariably lead to some components failing to function appropriately. Extreme temperatures, high pressure, corrosive environments, and many other factors lead to costly interruptions in power. Nevertheless, these machines are intended to run for long periods of time, and interruptions in power generation for either maintenance or repair are very expensive. Continue reading

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wired_logoDuring Big Data Week 2014 I had the pleasure of talking to Michael Dulin of Carolina’s HealthCare System about their work using data to improve healthcare outcomes.

Q: I am sure that your healthcare system’s advanced analytics group, Dickson Advanced Analytics, did not happen overnight. What were the drivers for Carolinas HealthCare System to focus on predictive analytics?

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hadoop-logoWhat is Hadoop? It’s another wacky name for an open-source software project, but Hadoop was also a significant advancement in the way that companies, governments, and organizations can collect, store, and process data. Companies like Cloudera, Hortonworks, and others have emerged to deliver professional level, Hadoop-based data solutions for the enterprise, while many organizations have built successful Hadoop implementations on their own.
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