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A Use-Case Approach To Solving Data Problems

Thanks for the great feedback on my last post. I had a lot of questions inquiring if the big data stack is a new approach to thinking about data analysis. Short answer is ‘no’. The big data stack is not new. The only part that is new is the ‘big’ … Read More

Your Big Data Stack

We get asked this questions quite often – what does Emcien do? And where do you fit? To answer this question we describe it in the context of the data stack. This explains our offering in terms what is required to build a complete solution. Here is how we explain … Read More

Analyzing Sales Data to Predict a Win

The big data community spends a lot of time talking about algorithms and distributed computing packages, usually at the expense of real world, relatable success stories. In this post we’ll try to give a good overview of how cutting-edge analytics solutions can be applied to everyday sales data. This analysis … Read More

New Guide: Redefining Analytics

Keeping up with the latest in data analysis is tough. That’s why we put together our new guide, Redefining Analytics. Built as your one-stop overview of the current data analytics landscape, Redefining Analytics takes a practical look at current data analysis methods and tools, from Hadoop to machine learning. Additionally, … Read More

New Video: See Automated Analytics in Action

A live talk about practical pattern discovery with Ericsson’s Bjorn Johansson Bjorn Johansson, Executive Director of Operations at Ericsson speaks about several implementations of Emcien’s automated analytics solution. Under Bjorn’s nearly two decades at Ericsson the company has been marked by a transition towards data and analytics driven decision making. … Read More