Watch how EmcienScan turns data exploration from a slow and manual process into automated data discovery, a seamless part of your workflow without any coding or querying. Automating EmcienScan allows you to see when changes take place in your data over time.

Creating New Value From Data

Today organizations are recognizing the value in data. If there’s a problem to be solved or a drive for more efficiency, businesses know the answer likely lies in data that’s already available to them…

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What happens before data prep?

In the minds of most people that work with data, there isn’t much that can happen before data prep. For them, discovery is a process that happens after data is cleansed and prepped. But for those…

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Our Innovative Customers

Emcien provides industry leading predictive analytics solutions for optimizing complex processes faced by modern sales forces.”

John G. Bruno
CTO, NCR Corporation

When we witnessed Emcien’s ability to quickly analyze customer-buying patterns for highly relevant recommendation and then immediately push sales opportunities to our independent dealers’ customers, we jumped all over it.”

Paul Gatens
Director, Marketing Information
S.P. Richards

By using Emcien to help optimize our product options and standardize our base product on popular functionality, our product offering will better represent our customer’s needs and our gross profit will increase.”

Jacky Williamson
Division Controller
Ditch Witch

It’s surprising how much insight I can get about an anonymous data set without knowing anything about the data or reading the data dictionary.”

Application development Manager, Data platforms.

It’s not the tools, but the process of data analysis that’s important. Emcien delivers a repeatable process for accelerated data analysis for everyone – that is the way for the future.”

Director Analytics, Telecom Company

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