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Self Serve Analytics

Allowing everyone to participate in the data driven economy.




Reveal the valuable
connections hidden in data.


Automatically extract the patterns that turn data into insights.


Make predictions on
data in real time.

The Emcien Blog

Press Release: New Data Discovery Software!

Introducing EmcienScan. Our latest software release is live and ready for Enterprise Data Discovery. We’re excited to announce the official release of EmcienScan, an entirely new way to do data discovery. Using a unique machine learning technique, EmcienScan can... read more

Press Release: Key Technology

Big news! A key technology developed at Emcien has been patented. The core of Emcien’s pattern detection technology is our ability to automatically identify valuable connections in data without requiring a user to query the data or interpret an image. This... read more

Working with Non-Numeric Data

Traditional statistical software is built for numeric data. Historically, that’s exactly the kind of data everyone worked with because data analysis meant working with records of trade. How many items were sold this month? How much revenue was made last quarter? What... read more

Our Innovative Customers

Emcien provides industry leading predictive analytics solutions for optimizing complex processes faced by modern sales forces.”

John G. Bruno
CTO, NCR Corporation

When we witnessed Emcien’s ability to quickly analyze customer-buying patterns for highly relevant recommendation and then immediately push sales opportunities to our independent dealers’ customers, we jumped all over it.”

Paul Gatens
Director, Marketing Information
S.P. Richards

By using Emcien to help optimize our product options and standardize our base product on popular functionality, our product offering will better represent our customer’s needs and our gross profit will increase.”

Jacky Williamson
Division Controller
Ditch Witch

It’s surprising how much insight I can get about an anonymous data set without knowing anything about the data or reading the data dictionary.”

Application development Manager, Data platforms.

It’s not the tools, but the process of data analysis that’s important. Emcien delivers a repeatable process for accelerated data analysis for everyone – that is the way for the future.”

Director Analytics, Telecom Company

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