Automated Pattern Discovery

Our pattern detection software automatically uncovers connections in data, revealing complex and relevant information that goes unnoticed using traditional methods.

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Recommendation Engine

Increase revenue and improve engagement with highly relevant recommendations from customer buying patterns

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Microsegmentation and Churn

Automatically predict the precise corresponding events that lead to increased sales or customer churn 

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Predictive Analytics

Anticipate events and make better, more informed decisions with real-time automated pattern detection without schema or modeling

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Network Data Analytics

Maximize network performance with event correlation patterns in high speed machine data and network logs

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Fast Company




’Garbage Out’ is a significant analytics capability. Without that companies will find themselves bogged down with a lot of useless findings and insights. Emcien has patented the technology that filters out the garbage. I think it’s a very interesting take on data analytics.Cassimir Medford
Veteran technology reporter

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Real-world Results

SP Richards uses Emcien pattern detection software to increase sales.

Employing cross-selling opportunities over 50,000 office products, dealers used Emcien’s automatic pattern detection software to generate a 9% sales increase while improving customer satisfaction and ease of use.

When we witnessed Emcien’s ability to quickly analyze customer-buying patterns for cross-selling opportunities and then immediately push ‘also bought’ suggestions to our independent dealers’ customers, we jumped all over it. I was impressed with the technology, the people, and the solution.”Paul Gatens
S.P. Richards, Director, Marketing Information

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