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A New Guide to Data Analytics

Keeping up with the latest in data analysis is tough. That's why we put together our new free guide, Redefining Analytics. This comprehensive paper covers current analysis approaches, emerging technologies, real-world examples, and more.

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New Guide: Redefining Analytics

Keeping up with the latest in data analysis is tough. That’s why we put together our new guide, Redefining Analytics. Built as your one-stop overview of the current data analytics landscape, Redefining Analytics takes a practical look at current data analysis methods and tools, from Hadoop to machine learning. Additionally, … Read More

New Video: See Automated Analytics in Action

A live talk about practical pattern discovery with Ericsson’s Bjorn Johansson Bjorn Johansson, Executive Director of Operations at Ericsson speaks about several implementations of Emcien’s automated analytics solution. Under Bjorn’s nearly two decades at Ericsson the company has been marked by a transition towards data and analytics driven decision making. … Read More

Live Webinar: New Frontiers in Big Data

Join us in a CSC panel session as Jerry Overton, Radhika Subramanian and an invited panel from the big data community explore the future of data analysis.